The 2017 New York Michelin List of Starred Restaurants 


Three Stars

  • Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare
  • Eleven Madison Park –  was too full of themselves, dinner took four hours and they rattled on over each dish till you didn’t even want to taste it, but heard they calmed it down with their reopening
  • Le Bernardin  – my personal favorite
  • Masa – might be the most expensive restaurant in NY, over my budget
  • Per Se – heard pretty negative things about the service and the long, drawn out meal


Two Stars

  • Aquavit – a sophisticated restaurant, a bit stiff for me (but great food) 
  • Aska
  • Atera
  • Blanca
  • Daniel – love dining here, a perfect experience from food, service, and atmosphere

  • Jean-Georges – great dining experience, classic cooking with an Asian twist
  • Jungsik
  • Ko
  • Marea – best Italian seafood in the city
  • The Modern – perfect end after a visit to the museum

One Star

  • Agern
  • Ai Fiori –so happy to have them in my hood!
  • Aldea – great Portuguese restaurant with a large, friendly bar  
  • Aureole – another great place to take a client, but also wonderful bar and bartenders 
  • Babbo – Italian food at it’s best, but love to sit at the bar vs. the tables

  • Bar Uchū
  • Bâtard
  • Blue Hill – a truely great meal, and even better upstate at their farm 
  • The Breslin – hip, lively bar/restaurant.  Great lamb burger.
  • Café Boulud – Daniel’s original restaurant, still wonderful, but the clientele a bit old
  • Café China
  • Carbone – if you love old fashioned, red sauce Italian food with large portions..
  • Casa Enríque
  • Casa Mono – great Spanish tapas, small and cozy
  • Caviar Russe
  • The Clocktower – too stiff for me, and upscale English food????
  • Contra
  • Cot
  • Del Posto – great food, and you can order a la carte at the bar
  • Dovetail – beautiful, romantic and charming space, with great creative food

  • Faro
  • The Finch
  • Gabriel Kreuther – loved the restaurant but my husband didn’t agree (a bit too creative for him)
  • Gotham Bar and Grill – great for a customer dinner
  • Gramcery Tavernb- always a favorite
  • Günter Seeger NY
  • Hirohisa
  • Jewel Bako – high-end sushi & omakase, casual room – recommend the omakase
  • Junoon – best, creative Indian food in NYC (with a great atmosphere to boot – eat in the cafe
  • Kajitsu

  • Kanoyama
  • Kyo Ya
  • L’Appart
  • La Sirena – great place to have a snack or dine after going to the Whitney
  • La Vara
  • Meadowsweet
  • Minetta Tavern – the best!  And don’t always order the steak, their seafood, specials and other dishes are worth trying
  • The Musket Room – casual, warm, friendly, with amazing food by this New Zealand Chef

  • Nix
  • Nomad – overpriced and way too in / crowded
  • Peter Luger – oh well, if you love steak and don’t care about abuse…
  • Rebelle
  • The River Café – great views of NYC skyline
  • Rouge Tomate – cozy, casual, friendly, great wine list and ,of course, great food
  • Satsuki
  • Sushi Amane
  • Sushi Inoue
  • Sushi Yasuda

  • Sushi Zo
  • Tempura Matsui
  • Tori Shin
  • Uncle Boons – I just don’t get this…just think the food is mediocre
  • Ushiwakamaru
  • Wallsé – enjoyed the meal but never felt like returning…says something
  • ZZ’s Clam Bar





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