Always hard to find a good tour company and tour guide, and believe me I have had disappointing ones.  I prefer small tours that explore local, unique food sources and / or small vineyards that I would never be able to get into on my own.  So started compiling a list from articles, friends recommendations, and my own experiences.  Happy food and wine tasting!

Athens, Greece

  • – Tiama Kolikopoulou, tour guide (food)

Burgundy, France

  • Authentica – provide small group or private tours (we went on a private full-day Grand Crus Burgundy tour) – Leonie, guide (wine)

Porto, Portugal

  • Taste Porto – Andre Apolinario, tour guide (food)

Douro Valley, Portugal

  • Douro Moments – Ana & Marco, owners and your tour guides, develop individual tours, tailored to your taste.  We(booked them on both of our trips to Portugal and loved them each time we visited – highly recommended.  (wine, but great lunches  included)

Lisbon, Portugal

  • Secret Food Tours of Lisbon – Marta Cavaco, tour guide (food)

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