Covid-19 has affected the tour industry worldwide, especially our dear friends, Marco and Ana from the Douro Valley, well respected owners and founders of Douro Exclusives, one of the top luxury tour companies in the Douro Valley of Portugal.

Douro Exclusive was founded in early 2012 after a deep concern for the tourist services in the Douro Wine Region of Portugal.  Both Marco and Ana live in the Douro Valley with their two children,  Salvador and Clara.   They lead with true passion, committed to excellence service,  while sharing the genuine hospitality of the Portuguese culture.

Their livelihood depends on Douro Exclusive and as a result the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak has caused a tremendous financial loss, uncertainty with all cancellations and no tours, which has forced them to consider selling their means of transportation for both their family and Douro Exclusive and closing its doors.  In addition,  Marco and Ana have been in the process of building the Villa D’ouro, a five star luxury bed and breakfast facing the breathtaking Douro River.

With your support, Douro Exclusives and Villa D’ouro will be able to continue on while also providing a livelihood for Marco, Ana and their children.   The funds will help them get through the uncertainties of this year and keep their business afloat and provide a means to help them pay off their loans.  Not only will this impact them, but it will keep the rest of the Douro Valley alive, providing business to local winemakers.

Many of you may already know Marco and Ana from your previous visits to the Douro Valley and would be devastated to see Douro Exclusive close its doors. Their generosity and friendship has impacted your life as well as mine.  I believe it’s our turn to show them how grateful we are for them.  Please use the link below to donate whatever you can to the GoFundMe fund set up for them by a fellow Douro Exclusive guest from California, Christine Moghadam.

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