www.askilene.com_headshotThe five loves of my life are my husband/soul mate, great friends, traveling, food, and wine…red, white and rose (though I am fond of single malts and boutique gins…).  And I try to combine all five as often as possible.   I have a hard time finding one or two sites where I can get reliable information on travel, food, and wine so usually have 10 sites open at one time trying to plan my next trip, dinner out, or the perfect wine choice.   If I can make this effort a little easier for others with my blog, I will have achieved my small personal goal.

My career isn’t centered around my hobbies above,  as I believe you need balance in your life.  I am anchored in the tech space working for a large technology firm in various consulting, management, and sales roles.  Currently I  am part of their Chief Customer Office Organization helping to drive successful deployment and adoption of my companies applications across our customers.  I ensure that these accounts receive the most value from their investment, develop areas where we can co-innovate, and develop and maintain strong customer executive relationships.  Previously I built three successful consulting practices for two of the “big six” firms, and my own start-up company.

And on the weekends and vacation, I eat and drink!

For general inquiries: gmail – info@askilene.com, and follow me on Instagram and Twitter.


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