The 2017 New York Michelin List of Starred Restaurants 


Three Stars
Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare
Eleven Madison Park – was too full of themselves (just how long can you hear them go on about one dish) but heard they calmed it down with their reopening
Le Bernardin  – my personal favorite
Masa – might be the most expensive restaurant in NY, over my budget
Per Se – heard pretty negative things about the service and the long, drawn out meal


Two Stars
Aquavit – a sophisticated restaurant, a bit stiff for me (but great food) 
Daniel – love dining here
Jean-Georges – great dining experience
Marea – best Italian seafood in the city
The Modern – perfect end after a visit to the museum 
Sushi Ginza Onodera

One Star

Ai Fiori –so happy to have them in my hood!
Aldea – great Portuguese restaurant with a large, friendly bar  
Aureole – another great place to take a client 
Babbo – Italian food at it’s best
Bar Uchū
Blue Hill – a truely great meal, and even better upstate at their farm 
The Breslin – hip, lively bar/restaurant.  Great lamb burger.
Café Boulud – Daniel’s original restaurant, still wonderful, but the clientele a bit old
Café China
Carbone – if you love old fashioned, red sauce Italian food with large portions…
Casa Enríque
Casa Mono – great Spanish tapas, small and cozy
Caviar Russe
The Clocktower – too stiff for me
Del Posto – great food, but no bar to eat at
Dovetail – beautiful, romantic and charming space, with great creative food
The Finch
Gabriel Kreuther – loved the restaurant but my husband didn’t agree
Gotham Bar and Grill – great for a customer dinner
Gramcery Tavernb- always a favorite
Günter Seeger NY
Jewel Bako – high-end sushi & omakase, casual room – recommend the omakase
Junoon – best, creative Indian food in NYC (with a great atmosphere to boot – eat in the cafe

Kyo Ya
La Sirena
La Vara
Minetta Tavern – the best!  And don’t always order the steak, their seafood, specials and other dishes are worth trying
The Musket Room – casual, warm, friendly, with amazing food by this New Zealand Chef
Nomad – overpriced and way too in / crowded
Peter Luger – oh well, if you love steak and don’t care about abuse…
The River Café – great views of NYC skyline
Rouge Tomate – cozy, casual, friendly, great wine list and ,of course, great food
Sushi Amane
Sushi Inoue
Sushi Yasuda
Sushi Zo
Tempura Matsui
Tori Shin
Uncle Boons – I just don’t get this…just think the food is mediocre
Wallsé – enjoyed the meal but never felt like returning…says something
ZZ’s Clam Bar






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